Create Microsoft Azure Container Group via Azure Portal

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Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the Microsoft Azure Administrator worth it?

Yes, for certain cloud and network administrators, the Microsoft Azure Administrator is worth it -- but it’s not worth it for everyone. Administrators who have several months of experience with Azure and are looking for a qualification that proves their familiarity with PowerShell, Azure CLI, and other Azure management tools will find Microsoft Azure Administrator worth it. But administrators who don’t work with Microsoft Azure won’t find it worth it for their jobs.

How much does the Microsoft Azure Administrator cost?

The Microsoft Azure Administrator costs $165. Earning the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification costs a total of $165 because AZ-104 is the only exam you need to pass in order to earn it. There are no prerequisites or additional costs to earning the Microsoft Azure Administrator, but you may want to take a course that helps you prepare for it since you don’t get a refund if you can’t pass it.

Is the Microsoft Azure Administrator difficult?

No, the Microsoft Azure Administrator is easy for most administrators with a few months of experience with Azure administration tools. If you’ve been administering an Azure network for several months and have worked on different tasks and responsibilities, passing the Microsoft Azure Administrator won’t be difficult. However, maybe you’ve been narrowly focused or don’t have time with Azure -- with a little training, you can make sure the exam is easy.

Does the Microsoft Azure Administrator expire?

Yes, the Microsoft Azure Administrator does expire -- after just one year. All of Microsoft’s associate-level role-based certifications expire after one year, and the Microsoft Azure Administrator will only remain valid for one year from the date you pass the exam. The only way to renew your Microsoft Azure Administrator before it expires is by taking Microsoft’s special certification renewal exam.

How should I study for the Microsoft Azure Administrator?

You should study for the Microsoft Azure Administrator with a course that’s specially designed for passing the AZ-104. The Microsoft Azure Administrator isn’t a difficult certification, but since passing depends on knowing all the ways that Microsoft wants you to answer, be sure you study with a course that’s designed with the exam in mind. Plus, you should study for the Microsoft Azure Administrator with a course that supplies you with practice exams.
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