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Ubuntu Online Training


Shawn Powers


Ubuntu Online Training

In this entry-level Linux skills training, Shawn Powers covers how to install, configure, monitor, scale, and also introduces Ubuntu for Cloud Computing.

Ubuntu is historically known for making Linux on the desktop more feasible for end users, but Ubuntu is a robust distribution that also shines in the server room. This Ubuntu course covers the use of Ubuntu in the server room. With its Debian roots and commercial backing, Ubuntu is poised to take over datacenters with its stability, affordability, and unsurpassed functionality.

While this Ubuntu training doesn’t map to any particular exam, it's still valuable training for systems administrators who want to learn Ubuntu.

For IT managers running Ubuntu in their server room, this Linux training can be used to onboard new systems administrators, as a Linux reference resource, or curated into individual or team training plans.

Ubuntu: What You Need to Know

This Ubuntu training covers these fundamental Ubuntu commands and operations topics:

  • Understanding Ubuntu’s unique underbelly
  • Managing hard drives and partitions and installing Ubuntu
  • Handling initial setup considerations
  • Configuring packet management
  • Networking
  • Providing security
  • Monitoring and analyzing processes
  • Understanding virtualization

Who Should Take Ubuntu Training?

This fundamental Ubuntu skills course is valuable for both new and experienced IT professionals looking to learn Ubuntu.

New or aspiring systems administrators. New systems administrators have many different operating systems and languages to consider as they begin their career in administration, and if you’re considering making Ubuntu one of your specialties, this training can help make you an expert in its use. The low system requirements and supportive Ubuntu community make learning to use the operating system appealing, and this training makes mastery of it all the more approachable.

Experienced systems administrators. Are you an experienced system administrator but have never made the jump to learn about Ubuntu and what it can provide that other operating systems can’t? This training will show you exactly that. Ubuntu’s vast customizability can be intimidating — even for experienced system administrators who’ve spent their career using Linux! To say nothing of those new to the operating system. Let us train you on all aspects of Ubuntu’s operation and get you working with it with this training.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Install Ubuntu

    Entry1 hr 50 mins4 videos
  • Use Ubuntu Services

    Entry3 hrs 2 mins6 videos
  • Operate Ubuntu

    Entry2 hrs 29 mins6 videos
  • Virtualization and Ubuntu Cloud

    Entry 43 mins2 videos
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