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Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Exam EX200 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) worth it?

Yes, earning a credential from Red Hat represents a thorough familiarity with the basics of Linux administration and management – it's absolutely worth it for anyone who wants a career working with enterprise networks or Linux administration. Not only do concepts like file management, CLIs, shell scripting, OS configuration, partitioning and user management relate to network administration on any OS, but Linux runs the majority of the world's largest networks.

How much does the RHCSA cost?

All Red Hat exams cost $400, and the RHCSA has only one exam and no prerequisites. If you're planning on pursuing a credential from Red Hat, keep in mind that their exams are notoriously in-depth and challenging. It would be wise to include the cost of a course with up-to-date training and preparation along with current practice exams with that $400.

How difficult is the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam (EX-200)?

For an experienced Linux administrator with several years of experience managing a medium or large network, the EX-200 RHCSA exam isn't particularly difficult. However, if you don't have extensive, hands-on experience, you'll probably find it quite hard without preparation. Covering practical topics as simple as creating shell scripts and diving into theoretical questions about containerization, the RHCSA exam is hard for many junior administrators.

Does the Linux RHCSA expire?

Yes, the Red Hat Certified System Administrator expires after three years. All of Red Hat's certifications are good for three years. Red Hat's timelines are generous, but unfortunately they don't provide many alternatives for renewing it. Besides retaking the RHCSA exam in its entirety, the only way to renew your cert is to earn the RHCE, or pass one of the exams that apply toward earning the Red Hat Certified Architect.

Why should you take this Red Hat course?

You should take this Red Hat course because no matter what level of comfort or familiarity you have with Linux administration, unless you've taken a comprehensive course designed to bring you through all the official best practices, there could be gaps in your knowledge. Brand new administrators and seasoned pros alike will benefit from the hands-on virtual simulations that give you real-world practice administering large-scale networks and ensure you're fully trained as a Red Hat administrator.
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