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Linux Permissions and Ownership FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Linux permissions and ownership course?

This course teaches what permissions and ownership are, how they relate to files and folders, and why everyone who uses Linux should care about them. But more important than that, this course gives you first-hand practice and experience with actually editing those permissions. Learn much more than just facts about file permission – learn how to actually control and regulate who can see, access and edit whole directories within your Linux networks.

Why should you take this Linux permissions and ownership course?

You should take this Linux permissions course if you need a working understanding of some of the most essential truths about maintaining Linux environments. Permissions and ownership inside Linux systems and networks represent a foundational pillar that later, more advanced administration rests on. You should take this course if you use or interact with the Linux operating system in any part of your job.

Is this Linux permissions and ownership course associated with a certification?

No, this permissions and ownership course isn't associated with any specific industry certification. The appeal of this course is that it's a relatively short introduction to how permissions work in Linux systems and how they give you control over users and files. It doesn't force a learner to get in over their head in topics they're not ready for or don't need to learn - it stays focused on permissions and ownership in Linux.

What certification should I start working toward after taking this Linux course?

If what you learn in this Linux permissions and ownership course excites you or makes your job easier, you might want to start working toward an industry certification. The Linux+ certification from CompTIA is a good place to start, as is the Linux Essentials from the Linux Professional Institute. Both those low-level certifications are designed for entry-level users, and this course will give you a small taste of what you'll find on those exams.

Who should take this Linux Permissions and Ownership course?

The best candidates for this course are people who've suddenly found themselves using Linux and can't make heads or tails of directories, subfolders and file permissions. There are courses that are better suited for network administrators or server administrators who need a complete training on Linux administration, but this course is best for non-technical users and brand-new administrators who need a handle on permissions and ownership in the Linux OS.
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