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LPIC-1: Linux Engineer (LPIC-1 ) Online Training


Shawn Powers


LPIC-1: Linux Engineer (LPIC-1 ) Online Training

In this intermediate LPI LPIC-1 training, Shawn Powers prepares learners to take the LPIC-1 exam, which is one of two exams required to earn the LPIC-1: Linux Engineer certification.

Linux’s share of the operating system market might hover around 2 percent, but operating systems built on the Linux kernel surpass even Windows. For that reason, IT professionals who are comfortable with the Linux command line are in demand across industries. Once you're done with this LPIC-1 training, you'll be more marketable as a systems administrator with intermediate Linux skills.

For anyone who leads a technology team, this Linux training can be used for LPIC-1 exam prep, on-boarding new systems administrators, or even curated for user training.

Note: The exam associated with this certification was retired on October 1, 2019. However, this track still retains value as a training resource.

LPIC-1 : What You Need to Know

For any systems administrator using this training for exam preparation, our LPIC-1: Linux Engineer course maps to the LPIC-1 exams objectives, and covers topics such as:

  • Install and maintain a Linux server and a workstation as a network client
  • Interact with Linux shells and basic Linux commands to manage files and directories
  • Add, remove, suspend and change user accounts, as well as handle file and access permissions as well as system security
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks: help users, add users to a larger system, backup and restore, shutdown and reboot
  • Automate Linux system administration tasks with job scheduling
  • Set up, manage, and troubleshoot the network of a Linux host

Who Should Take LPIC-1 Training?

This LPIC-1 training is considered professional-level LPI training, which means it was designed for systems administrators. This LPIC-1 course is designed for new or aspiring IT professionals and systems administrators with three to five years of experience with Linux.

New or aspiring systems administrators. Although there are no prerequisites for LPIC-1 training, new systems administrators would be advised to first begin with LPI Linux Essentials training before tackling this Linux Administrator training. However, newcomers to Linux -- with Windows or Cisco CLI experience -- will find that LPIC-1 training is a good way to transition into Linux administration.

Experienced systems administrators. Sysadmins with two to five years of experience who take LPIC-1: Linux Administrator training will gain a more rigorous understanding of how to administer Linux in an enterprise setting. With the LPIC-1 certification under their belt, they will be ready to pursue the higher-level position as a Linux systems engineer, or even cybersecurity roles.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • LPI Linux LPIC-1 Prep v4.0

    Intermediate14 hrs 31 mins72 videos
  • LPIC-1 Learning Resources

    Our LPIC-1: Linux Engineer training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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