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How to Run Basic Linux File Commands FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this basic Linux training?

This course teaches you how to navigate the Linux file structure, and how to stay afloat in the operating system as you make updates and alterations to files. This course uses visuals and videos to help you understand the Linux structure, and then practical exercises in virtual sims to make sure you know how to execute every essential command.

Who should take this Linux command line interface course?

IT professionals who touch any device that runs Linux should take this course. Non-technical professionals who have to use the Linux operating system should probably take this course. Even managers who just hear about Linux from time to time will benefit from understanding how to navigate the foreign OS and make essential updates.

Is this training in running basic Linux file commands associated with any certifications?

No, rather than force you to memorize facts and information for a test, this course is focused just on getting you comfortable with running basic Linux file commands. You'll hear about file management and directory management, but you'll spend most of your time actually practicing what you learn about using Tar, compression and regular expressions.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in running basic Linux file commands?

The Linux+ from CompTIA or the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) are good certifications for anyone who needs to prove a basic control over the Linux operating system, and this course can help you prepare for the fundamentals of running commands and managing file hierarchies, which you'll find on both exams.

Why should you take this Linux file command training?

Even if you don't use Linux on a daily basis, you should take this course for the same reason that a painter learns to use more than just a paint roller: versatility is key for getting the job done. Don't let your project come to a screeching halt just because no one ever learned basic Linux file commands.
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