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How to Create and Mount a Linux File System FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this basic Linux administration training?

This is a short course focused on one topic: file systems in Linux. After this course, you'll understand how Linux deals with partitions and the information stored on each one. You'll learn to manage and instantiate new file systems on your Linux servers and boxes for any type of information you need to store.

Who should take this Linux file system administration course?

IT professionals who work with Linux on a regular basis should take this course, especially those who dig into the guts of the OS and navigate multiple partitions. This course also covers using and navigating the hierarchical file structure, so anyone dealing with Linux files should take this course, too.

Is this training in basic Linux administration associated with any certifications?

No, although this course fits nicely into the training plans for many different certification exams – particularly certs that deal with Linux administration and Linux server maintenance – it isn't designed as certification exam prep. Rather than cover broad topics of Linux administration, this course stays focused on practical skills around file system management.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in creating and mounting Linux file systems?

If what you learn about mounting and managing Linux file systems from this course is directly applicable to your job, then you should probably consider the Linux+ from CompTIA or the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA). Knowing how to create and mount a Linux file system would help, in part, to pass those exams.

Why should you take this Linux file system administration training?

You should take this course on creating and mounting a file system in Linux because while it's easier to do today than it ever has been, it's still complicated. It's easy to mount a file system badly, but learn to do it right and you could manage a whole network of partitions and complex data transfers.
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