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How to Change Linux File Permissions FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Linux file permissions and ownership training?

This course will teach you one of the most fundamental and important parts of managing Linux: deciding what certain people on your network can or cannot do with files or whole directories of files. You'll learn how to make people, groups and others able to read, write or execute files in your network.

Who should take this Linux file permissions course?

The list of people who should take this Linux course is long: students who want to work in network or systems administration, new and experienced administrators who aren't familiar with Linux, non-technical professionals who have to use Linux at a basic level. Very few people would gain no benefit from understanding Linux file permissions.

Is this training in Linux file permissions and ownership associated with any certifications?

No, this isn't a course that's designed for certification preparation or exam prep. This Linux file permissions course is a short, skills-based course that aims to ensure that you understand the basics of granting and revoking read, write and execute permissions. Full certifications will include that, but also a lot more Linux administration knowledge.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in controlling Linux file permissions?

This course lays a foundation for a study plan that can eventually include certifications from Red Hat, Oracle or CompTIA. Linux+ from CompTIA is a well-rounded, foundational certification that definitely includes understanding file permissions. An Oracle Certified Associate uses Linux to manage Oracle products. Red Hat certs cover all aspects of using Linux, including file permissions.

Why should you take this Linux file permission training?

Whether you just want a sample of how Linux administration works, are interested in learning a little about Linux file permissions, or need a fast course on administering file permissions, you should take this course. If you plan on using Linux in your career, the information on this course about file permissions is foundational.
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