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Protocol Independent Routing Tunnels Online Training


Anthony Sequeira


Protocol Independent Routing Tunnels Online Training

In this intermediate Juniper skills training, Anthony Sequeira covers everything a network administrator needs to know about managing protocol-independent routing tunnels so you can create unique routing policies that achieve your network’s goals.

To get the most out of this Protocol Independent Routing Tunnels course, you should be an experienced Juniper engineer with intermediate-level networking skills. This training is a deep dive into static, aggregate, and generated routes, load balancing, and filter-based forwarding. After you watch this Juniper training, you’ll have some of the skills that will prepare you for advancement to higher-level positions engineer positions.

For anyone who manages network administrators, this Juniper training can be used for on-boarding new network administrators, as a Juniper reference resource, or curated into individual or team training plans.

Protocol Independent Routing Tunnels: What You Need to Know

This training maps to Juniper’s recommended protocol independent routing tunnels learning objectives, and covers topics including:

  • Identifying and understanding protocol-independent routing tunnels
  • Differentiating static, aggregated, and generated routes
  • Understanding different tunneling applications
  • Mastering routing troubleshooting with tools like ping, traceroute, trace options, show commands and logging
  • Managing routing instances and RIB groups
  • Forwarding with filter-based rules

Who Should Take Protocol Independent Routing Tunnels Training?

This Protocol Independent Routing Tunnels training is considered administrator-level Juniper training, which means it was designed for network administrators. This Protocol Independent Routing Tunnels skills course is designed for network administrators with three to five years of experience with network infrastructure.

New or aspiring network administrators. Knowing and understanding tunneling applications is a great way for a new network administrator to set themselves apart from their peers. Being able to configure and troubleshoot IP tunnels early in your career can line you up for advancement and responsibility. Although advanced, this Protocol Independent Routing Tunnels training can help you understand what it means to route traffic independent of traditional routing restrictions, and how you can manipulate those policies to achieve unique networking objectives.

Experienced network administrators. Network administrators who’ve been working on the Junos OS for several years are likely already familiar with occasions where network independent routing would be ideal — or with problems it could’ve fixed. But if you’ve never had the opportunity to learn about managing the tools, resources and policies around it, you could find yourself in the dark when it comes to actually doing it. Fortunately, this training is everything you need to know how to set up the Junos routing capabilities and features that aren’t tied directly to any particular protocol.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Juniper JNCIS-ENT (JN0-343) – Protocol Independent Routing Tunnels

    Intermediate1 hr 6 mins11 videos
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