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NestJS Tutorial FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is it worth it to learn NestJS?

If developing scalable server-side applications interests you, it's definitely worth it to learn NestJS. As a framework, NestJS is about streamlining development and enhancing code organization, so learning how it works and learning how to develop with it gives you professional and transferable skills. Node.js and Angular developers will find learning the efficient and structured framework particularly worthwhile, and you'll soon see why it's growing in popularity so rapidly.

How difficult is it to learn NestJS?

NestJS is difficult enough that it shouldn't be the first thing new web developers begin with, but it's easy enough that you should try to familiarize yourself with it early in your career. Developers who are already familiar with JavaScript and Node.js will likely find the principles and concepts of NestJS easy to pick up. And since NestJS relies on concepts like TypeScript and structured architectures, it'll be approachable to most Angular developers.

Are there any certifications associated with this NestJS tutorial?

No, this course isn't designed with any certifications or certification exams in mind. Rather than emphasize the content of a test, the course focuses on real-world development skills. There are hands-on practice opportunities where you'll write real code to solve realistic scenarios. Practicing your code in the virtual simulations of this tutorial helps make sure your practical understanding of NestJS is honed to the point where you can build scalable and maintainable server-side applications.

Why is NestJS so popular and is NestJS used in production?

NestJS is popular because it's equipped to address real-world challenges, provide maintainability, and it aligns with modern development practices. Specific attributes like its structured approach, use of TypeScript, and features like modularity and dependency injection also contribute. NestJs is used widely in production environments all around the world and has been adopted in many different industries because its architecture was inspired by Angular and the framework itself improves on NodeJS.

Should you use NestJS over NodeJS?

It's important to remember that when comparing NestJS to NodeJS that NestJS is actually a framework built on top of Node.js. You might choose NestJS over plain Node.js when you're looking for a more opinionated or structured framework. If concepts like modularity, decorators, and dependency injection are important to you, you'll probably want to opt for NestJS, which is a higher-level abstraction that simplifies development and provides a set of conventions.
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