How Systems Administrators Minimize the Impact of Disaster

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Intro to Systems Administration FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is systems administration in simple terms?

Systems administration is the caretaking of computers and networks. Basically, systems administrators make sure everything runs smoothly. Systems administration includes installing software, fixing problems, and making sure everyone can access the files and data that they need. Systems administration relies in part on specific tools and technology, but largely on general tech familiarity and problem-solving skills. Systems administrators work mostly behind the scenes, keeping things organized, secure, and running efficiently.

Is it worth it to learn the basics of systems administration?

Yes, it's worth it for anyone to learn the basics of systems administration. Even for people who don't want a career in IT, an introduction to systems administration reveals how computers work, how networks share data, and how hidden pieces of technology keep our digital world working. Business owners, non-IT professionals, managers, executives, brand new IT professionals – anyone can benefit from a short course on systems administration basics.

What makes a systems administrator valuable to a small business?

The thing that makes systems administrators valuable to small businesses comes down to one word: proactivity. Small businesses have to constantly keep their eye on the bottom line, but a well-trained and competent systems administrator can save much more money for an organization than they'll ever cost because they help avoid frivolous purchases, unnecessary repairs, unwise upgrades, and more. Systems administrators proactively improve networks and devices and help keep costs down.

Is this course on systems administration good for beginners?

Yes, this is an excellent place for beginners to start to learn the fundamentals of devices, networks and systems administration. This introduction to systems administration avoids technical details and complex topics. Instead, it lays a foundation of familiarity with all the different concepts and skills that go into software installation, maintaining basic security, organizing files, managing user accounts, and generally ensuring system and network reliability.

Can't I learn systems administration on my own?

Yes, you can absolutely learn systems administration on your own. Even people without technical backgrounds often pick skills and knowledge along the way, supplemented with internet resources. What's hard to find on your own is a clearly defined path that rapidly leads to mastery. A course like this builds your theoretical foundation for later courses to build on, where you can speedily deepen and specialize your expertise and career.
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