Every Cloud Service Has These Common Traits

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Intro to Cloud Computing FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this introduction to cloud computing training?

This course explains cloud computing at its most basic level. First off, this course explains what the concept of cloud computing even means, it goes into what companies provide cloud services and how you can access them, it even goes into what sorts of careers exist in the cloud.

Who should take this introduction to cloud computing course?

Anyone curious about cloud computing should take this course. From students of IT who want to know what jobs await you in cloud administration to business owners who've heard that cloud computing can save you money – this course teaches you what the cloud is and how it'll improve your future.

Is this introductory training on cloud computing associated with any certifications?

Nope, this introductory cloud computing course wasn't designed with certifications or exams in mind. Instead, it focuses on a practical understanding of the cloud and how you, personally, can use it. Rather than memorize facts about service providers, you'll gain practical knowledge of the cloud from this course.

What certification should you consider after taking this introductory course on cloud computing?

Cloud Essentials+ is a certification from CompTIA that's specially designed to prove that IT professionals and non-technical professionals alike have the business knowledge to make good choices about the cloud. This course is a great way to begin building up the skills and knowledge necessary to earn the Cloud Essentials+.

Why should you take this introductory cloud computing training?

You should take this introductory course on cloud computing because it's short, fast, simple and afterward you'll never be lost or confused by what the cloud offers you and your company. Be more knowledgeable in meetings, make better decisions, shape a career for yourself in the cloud – with this training.
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