Using Certifications to Start Your BI Career

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Garth Schulte
Nugget trainer since 2002
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Intro to Business Intelligence FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this introduction to business intelligence training?

This business intelligence course is all about answering and explaining the fundamental questions of business intelligence. First off, what is business intelligence? What are the basic tasks of business intelligence? What does a career in business intelligence look like? Those answers and more are in this introduction to big data.

Who should take this introduction to business intelligence course?

Anyone who's ever wondered what business intelligence is should take this course – and that includes people who think they want a job in BI, and those who know they don't. Everyone from managers to students can be more effective and better prepared for the data-driven future with this course.

Is this introductory training in business intelligence associated with any certifications?

No, although this business intelligence course would be very helpful for someone who's preparing for a business intelligence-related certification, it wasn't designed as certification exam preparation material. The business intelligence training you'll find inside is approachable and easily understandable, so it's good for exam prep, but better for understanding BI.

What certification should you consider after taking this introductory course in business intelligence?

A certification like the Data+ from CompTIA is a good idea if what you learn from this introductory business intelligence course excites you. CompTIA's certifications are technology-agnostic, and so the Data+ certification is focused on analyzing and interpreting data, communicating insights and demonstrating your literacy with data.

Why should you take this introduction to business intelligence training?

You should take this introductory course on business intelligence because knowing how to use data goes far beyond being pretty good with Excel. Business intelligence uncovers huge inefficiencies, gaps in profits, opportunities and answers questions before you even ask them. Learn good business intelligence and the careers that await you.
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