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Beginner Terraform Tutorial: How to Provision Azure and AWS Resources with Terraform FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Terraform tutorial training?

This course does two things: first, it specifically shows you the basics of provisioning network resources in AWS and Azure with Terraform. Second, it covers the fundamentals of infrastructure as code more broadly so that you can start managing and provisioning your data center services with code rather than relying on manual processes.

Who should take this beginner course in Terraform?

The audience for this Terraform course is huge – basically anyone who works in a data center. If any part of your job includes provisioning data center resources by hand, this infrastructure as code course will show you how to use Terraform to start automating the most tedious and time-intensive parts of your job away.

Is this training in provisioning AWS and Azure resources with Terraform associated with any certifications?

No, not directly. It'd be interesting if Amazon created a certification for provisioning Azure resources with Terraform, or if Microsoft developed an exam about automating AWS hybrid data center operations. But until they do, this course explains how to use Terraform no matter what service provider you rely on and relates to both equally.

What certification should you consider after taking this tutorial course in infrastructure as code with Terraform?

This Terraform tutorial can help you prepare for parts of the exams for advanced network administration and network engineering certifications from AWS or Microsoft. From Microsoft, knowing Terraform can help with the Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate exam. For AWS, you might want to consider the AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty.

Why should you take this introductory training in using Terraform to provision Azure and AWS resources?

As you take this course, you'll see that as helpful as Terraform is, it's hard to automate network resources if you don't know how those network resources work in the first place. Which is what this course does best – learn how AWS and Azure data centers operate normally, then accelerate their infrastructure provisioning with Terraform.
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