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Google Cloud Storage FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What exactly is Google cloud storage?

Google Cloud Storage is an online data storage service provided by Google, designed to scale up and and down to meet data storage and data access needs from anywhere. Google Cloud Storage allows users to store and retrieve data at any time with durable and highly available object storage. Google Cloud Storage comes with security features like encryption and usability features like integration with other Google Cloud services.

What makes Google cloud storage especially good?

The scalability and reliability of Google Cloud Storage are notable, but it's the integration with other Google Cloud services that sets it apart. Being able to leverage any and all of Google's other cloud tools, online services and advanced features along with your storage solution is a powerful force multiplier for any organization, no matter how data-driven. From high availability to workflow optimization, Google Cloud Storage is a comprehensive data storage solution.

Who should take this Google cloud storage course?

IT professionals in fields related to cloud computing, data engineering, software development and infrastructure/network management would all benefit from this course, but so would non-technical professionals who simply use their organization's cloud-based data storage or make financial decisions about it. If any part of your job includes data management, backup and recovery, app development, web development, or digital project management, learning to use Google Cloud's storage solutions is a solid investment.

What is the difference between Google Cloud and Google storage?

Google Cloud (usually referred to as Google Cloud Platform or GCP) refers to all the cloud computing services that Google offers, which includes an array of computing, storage, database, and machine learning services. Google Cloud Storage is one component of the larger, comprehensive GCP. GCP services are designed to help organizations deploy and manage apps and services. Google Storage refers specifically to the digital data storage services available within GCP.

Is this Google Cloud Storage course associated with any certifications?

This course isn't designed to cover all the material on any one certification exam, but taking it can make preparing for some of Google's certifications easier. Cloud Digital Leader is Google's foundational cert, it covers all of GCP but includes extensive material related to Google storage. Cloud Database Engineer or Data Engineer are two of Google's specialized, professional certifications that have content closely aligned to the material on this course.
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