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Google Cloud Storage Online Training


Ben Finkel


Google Cloud Storage Online Training

In this intermediate Google skills training, Ben Finkel will teach you about Google's binary data storage system. While this course no longer maps to a certification, it’s a valuable training resource for anyone learning Google’s Cloud Storage product.

After finishing this Google training, you'll know how Google's Cloud Storage product offers you fast and easy access to unstructured blob storage in the cloud. With command-line and programmatic access to the files, Google Cloud Storage allows developers and end-users to take advantage of a nearly limitless storage facility. Google's fully-managed back-end provides the security and disaster recovery features that today's data installations require.

For anyone who manages GCP training for their company, this Google training can be used to onboard new cloud administrators, used as a Google reference resource, or curated into individual training plans.

Google Cloud Storage: What You Need to Know

This Google Cloud Storage training covers cloud topics including:

  • Configuring administration and storage
  • Choosing between cookie-based authorization and OAuth 2.0
  • Mastering access control tools and resources like Access Control Lists and signed URLs
  • Processing object change notification
  • Setting a storage policy

Who Should Take Google Cloud Storage Training?

This Google Cloud Storage training is considered administrator-level Google training, which means it was designed for cloud administrators. This cloud storage skills course is designed for cloud administrators with three to five years of experience with GCP services.

New or aspiring cloud administrators. A cloud administrator with relatively little experience should have an eye to the future: which element of cloud administration do you want to excel in? If cloud storage is interesting to you, this Google Cloud Storage course will train you in that specialty. But don’t worry: specializing in Google Cloud Storage early doesn’t lock you into anything. In fact, the fundamentals of cloud administration you’ll learn in this course will also set you up to transition to other cloud providers.

Experienced cloud administrators. Cloud administrators with several years of experience who want to step into roles of greater responsibility like cloud engineer must first familiarize themselves with as many different aspects of cloud storage as possible. With this training, you’ll learn the details and nuances of the ways Google solutions enable cloud administration. You’ll be a specialist in Google cloud storage while you deepen your general cloud administration and engineering knowledge.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Google Cloud Storage: Qualified Developer

    Intermediate2 hrs 6 mins13 videos
  • Google Cloud Storage Learning Resources

    This Google Cloud Storage training includes videos and a complete Kaplan IT Google Cloud Storage practice test.

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