Google Datastore: Composite Indexes (Python)

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Google Cloud Platform FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What are some ways that Google Cloud Platform is better than AWS?

Google Cloud Platform and AWS are both high-capacity cloud compute platforms, but depending on your need, GCP might be the superior platform. First, GCP's data analytics, machine learning capabilities and AI-enhanced features are especially strong, thanks to Google's AI investments. GCP also took a highly intuitive and user-friendly approach to their interface. Additionally, GCP's big data processing is especially powerful, as are all the native integrations to Google's other services.

What are some ways that Google Cloud Platform is worse than AWS?

On the other side of the coin, AWS has been in the cloud-service provider game longer and has a different suite of tools to offer. AWS' services and tools are more extensive than Google's, and it's a good choice for networks who need extensive options, reliability and customizability. AWS also has unrivaled global network infrastructure and can maintain robust scalability and availability. Serverless computing with AWS is also extremely strong.

Who should take this course on using the Google Cloud Platform?

This course on the Google Cloud Platform is excellent for technical IT professionals who want to deepen their familiarity with cloud service management, but it's also great for non-technical professionals who use GCP or who need to make choices about implementing and paying for it. Thanks to its comprehensive coverage of GCP's features and hands-on labs, this course teaches technical and managerial learners essential skills using and managing the platform.

Is this Google Cloud Platform course associated with any certifications?

This course is first and foremost a skills course, emphasizing users and cloud specialists getting first-hand and practical knowledge actually putting the Google Cloud tools and services to good use. Google's foundational certification Cloud Digital Leader is an entry-level certification that covers broad knowledge of cloud concepts as well as the products, services and features of GCP, making this course a good fit for someone who wants to earn it.

Can I use Google Cloud Platform for free?

Yes, it's certainly possible to use Google Cloud Platform for free, but usage limits apply to the free tier, and if you plan on using their features extensively, you'll eventually need to pay for greater access. The free tier of GCP provides access to various services and resources such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Google Kubernetes Engine, Firestore, and more. The use limits on those services aren't hard to exceed, though.
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