Demo: Advanced Networking - Configuring Protocol Forwarding

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Google Cloud Compute Engine FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Google Compute Engine training?

This training will show you everything that's possible with Google Cloud infrastructure services – particularly Compute Engine. Compute Engine doesn't work in a vacuum: it depends on other services to be fully optimized. Take this course to master Compute Engine and learn how it interfaces with Google's other services.

Who should take this Google Compute Engine course?

Basically everyone who works with cloud compute services, storage solutions or infrastructure-as-a-service configuration should take this Compute Engine course. Network engineers, network administrators and even developers will benefit from understanding how to use Google Cloud's console and Shell and how to deploy Compute Engine to maximum effect.

Is this training in Google Compute Engine associated with any certifications?

No, Google doesn't offer a certification that's related only to Compute Engine. There are certifications that cover many utilities – and Compute Engine is one of them – but the intent of this course is to get you actually using Compute Engine and integrating it into a real-world network.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Google Compute Engine?

After this Compute Engine training, you might want to consider the Associate Cloud Engineer certification from Google. That certification covers a lot: setting up, deploying and implementing Google cloud solutions. Google Compute Engine is only one part of that certifying exam, but you'll be ready for it after this.

Why should you take this Google Compute Engine training?

You should take this Compute Engine training because an excellent cloud infrastructure that can respond to rapidly growing and shrinking demand with a network virtual machines doesn't just get deployed on its own. There's no button to push – it takes knowledge and practice, which this Compute Engine course gives you.
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