Understanding VPC Subnets

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Google Cloud Tutorial: Networking Solutions FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What networking solutions are available with the Google Cloud?

Google Cloud offers many networking solutions and services. All of them are designed to provide reliable and high-performance connectivity, but how they actually get implemented changes from one user to the next. Google's Virtual Private Cloud is a place for users to create and manage an isolated network environment. Google Cloud Interconnect establishes high-speed connections between on-prem infrastructures and GCP. Or Google Cloud VPN provides secure on-prem network access over the internet.

Will this Google Cloud networking course explain how to create a network or a server?

Yes, creating networks and servers on the Google Cloud is just one small part of this course on the networking solutions available in the Google Cloud Platform. If a networking solution is possible in an on-premise environment, hybrid cloud environment or competing public cloud, it's possible in Google Cloud. That includes setting up VPNs, private clouds, CDNs, and VMs. This course covers setting up, managing and optimizing Google network solutions.

Is it worth learning how to implement networking solutions in the Google Cloud?

Yes, it's definitely worth learning Google's cloud networking solutions. Google's cloud is one of the world's most reliable and powerful cloud platforms. Learning to manage its services makes you a valuable hire for companies who want to stay nimble and creative with their cloud and hybrid networks. Additionally, not everyone understands Google's cloud service options – by learning them, you become the subject matter expert who can guide your organization through transitions and investments.

Are there any certifications associated with this Google Cloud networking course?

Yes, the material on this Google cloud networking course applies to many of Google's certifications. Google offers one foundational (Cloud Digital Leader) and one associate certification (Cloud Engineer) – managing and implementing networking solutions is a crucial part of both of them. But the unique skills with individual elements of the cloud networking service options will be most useful for one of their nine professional-level and specialized certifications.

Who should take this course on Google Cloud networking solutions?

This is a helpful course for technical and non-technical professionals alike. Non-technical professionals like project managers or section leads can learn the terminology and concepts that govern your cloud network initiatives. Technical professionals in DevOps, cloud architecting, network administration and workspace administration can use this course to advance their understanding of Google's cloud service offerings and implement their network solutions to best effect for your company and your unique needs.
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