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F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator (201 TMOS) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator worth it?

Yes, for administrators and IT professionals who work with F5 technology, the F5 Certified Administrator is definitely worth it. There's no better way to prove your proficiency with managing and optimizing F5 BIG-IP products. Companies that rely on F5 technologies know that someone with their F5 Certified Administrator is proven by F5 to be able to configure, troubleshoot and maintain BIG-IP systems, making them a more attractive hire or candidate.

How much does it cost to earn the F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator?

Every F5 certification exam costs $180. Since you'll have to take two different exams to earn the F5 Certified Administrator, the total cost of earning it will be at least $360. Application Delivery Fundamentals (101) is the first exam that every F5 certification begins with, covering day-to-day management skills and knowledge of application delivery networks. TMOS Administration (201) is the second of two exams, and it covers operation of TMOS-based devices.

What is the F5 operating system TMOS?

TMOS stands for Traffic Management Operating System. F5's TMOS is the operating system that supports all of their network and traffic hardware, physical or virtual. For clarity: TMOS is not an individual OS, but rather a collection of operating systems and firmware that run BIG-IP hardware. TMOS is the underlying infrastructure that makes F5 technologies possible, which is why knowing how to navigate and configure it is fundamental for F5 administrators.

How hard is the 201 TMOS certification exam from F5?

It's generally agreed that the 201 TMOS certification exam isn't particularly difficult, and a moderate amount of administration experience can be all it takes to pass the exam. The questions on the exam aren't especially complex, and aren't designed to trick you or pose an unfair challenge. Practical familiarity with the TMOS operating system and BIG-IP administration fundamentals are the two biggest factors to ensuring the certification exam is doable.

Who should take this F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator course?

The F5 Certified BIG IP Administrator certification is a valuable career tool for network administrators, engineers and IT professionals who work with F5 BIG-IP products on a regular basis. Since this course is designed to prepare you for the certifying exam, anyone who wants to earn the cert should take it, but you can also take this course to quickly familiarize yourself with the operation of BIG-IP products.
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