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Creating Windows Server 2022 Containers with Docker Tutorial FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is Docker good for creating Windows Server containers?

Yes, Docker is an especially good tool for creating Windows Server containers. Compared to alternative approaches to deploying and executing applications on the Windows Server platform, Docker is portable, efficient and scalable. The Windows Server containers that are created with Docker make it so that applications are encapsulated in a consistent and isolated environment. That means they'll deploy in a number of different Windows Server instances while reducing overhead.

Who should take this course on creating Windows Server containers with Docker?

The best audience for this Windows Server container tutorial is systems administrators and network administrators, as well as enterprise network application developers. Those are the people who often find themselves responsible for ensuring deployment efficiency and application consistency, and this course will help them maintain the high levels of interoperability that will be expected of them. Network support specialists and cloud architects may also want to invest in their containerization skill set.

What is Docker and what does it do?

Docker is what is called a "container platform", it's a set of tools that package applications into what are known as "containers". You could think of containers as standalone, portable boxes that hold everything an app needs to work. Docker puts the code, tools, and settings a certain app needs into one of those portable boxes, and then when that box is on a new system, the app can run without issue.

What does having a Windows Server 2022 container do?

Using Docker to create Windows Server containers means individuals and organizations can quickly and efficiently deploy applications in different environments. A Windows Server container helps make sure the application's performance is consistent and reliable, no matter what differences there are from one network or system to the next. When you containerize Windows Server, it becomes much easier to scale applications, optimize resource usage, and streamline development and deployment processes.

Are there any certifications associated with this Docker and Windows training?

No, this training isn't directly related to any certifications or exams. It's a short course that stays focused on using Docker to create Windows Server 2022 containers. That's a specific skill, and most certifications test for generalized skills or broad familiarity. If you're interested in Docker certs, the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) from Mirantis (who now owns Docker) is the most recognized certification to consider after taking this course.
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