Run Linux Containers with WSL and Docker Desktop

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Trevor Sullivan
Nugget trainer since 2020
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Docker FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Docker training?

This course in Docker will teach you some of the fundamentals of DevOps. Many of the lessons on this Docker course are basics of DevOps that even experienced DevOps professionals have overlooked for a long time. You’ll master containers, images and managing orchestration with Docker in this course.

Who should take this Docker course?

DevOps professionals should take this course -- regardless which side of the development/operations divide you sit. You can use Docker to improve your workflows and optimize your development process -- when you can deploy a container that you know will work identically on all environments, everything you do improves.

Is this training in Docker associated with any certifications?

No, this course wasn’t designed with any certifications or certification exams in mind. Some exam prep courses just show you facts to memorize and steps to drill over and over. But this course is about practical application and actually using Docker to build containers and images.

What certification should you consider after you take this course in Docker?

The Docker Certified Associate is the certification to think about after taking this course in Docker. It’s the only official certification from Docker, and although this course isn’t designed to line up with the exam itself, the information you’ll learn about orchestration, imaging and containerization will all be helpful.

Why should you take this Docker training?

You should take this Docker training because orchestration on the scale that Docker makes possible isn’t something that just happens on its own. Docker puts enormous power into the hands of developers and operations experts. DevOps makes amazing things happen and Docker makes DevOps happen.
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