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Business Principles of Cloud Environments FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this course on business principles in the cloud?

You'll learn how to take all the considerations your business has and translate them into cloud-based solutions. In addition to that, you'll learn the relative costs and benefits of using the cloud to solve business problems so you can make the smartest, most profitable choices.

Who should think about taking this course about business principles?

Anyone who has decision-making responsibilities when it comes to whether or not (and to what extent) your company uses the cloud should take this course. Learn to weigh the costs of using or transitioning to the cloud and how to plan ahead before over-committing with this course.

Is this course on cloud business principles associated with any certifications?

No, this course won't prepare you for any particular certification. This course was designed with the practical aspects of identifying opportunities and costs in the cloud in mind, not passing a certain test. You'll only learn the actual steps for applying business principles in the cloud.

What certification should you be considering after taking this business principles in the cloud course?

If the content of this course excites you, a CompTIA certification could be the right next step. Their IT Fundamentals certification is an entry-level certification that covers basic technologies, and the Cloud+ is a vendor-agnostic examination of your familiarity with cloud tools and technologies.

Why should you take this course on business principles of the cloud?

You should take this course on business principles of cloud environments so you can rest assured the decisions you make are grounded in both sound financial and technological best practices. You'll know how to avoid overpaying for expensive solutions or getting stuck with janky solutions after taking this course.
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