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Excel 2022 for Data Analysis: Beginners FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is it worth it for data analysis beginners to take a whole class in Excel?

Absolutely yes. Whether you're brand new to data analysis or you're a seasoned professional, mastering Excel 2022 won't just teach you important concepts of data analysis, it'll also show you how versatile and powerful the Microsoft product is. Learning how to organize and visualize data – and how to do it in Excel – will open doors to job opportunities as well as improve your data-driven decision-making skills. Excel is arguably the most universal data analysis tool and everyone can know how to use it better.

How much does a Microsoft certification in Excel cost?

Microsoft offers many different certifications related to Excel, and the vast majority of them cost $100. Microsoft maintains the Microsoft Office Specialist: Office 2016 line of certifications for proving mastery of the 2016 version of the software that's common in many enterprise networks. There are also MOS certs for the Microsoft 365 Apps version of Excel. The only MOS cert that costs more than $100 is the MOS: Expert (Microsoft 365 Apps) which has two $100 exams.

Are Microsoft Excel certification exams difficult?

No, although everyone experiences tests differently, generally speaking the Microsoft Excel certification exams aren't especially difficult. They are, however, very particular. In other words, Microsoft doesn't want someone who doesn't have extensive familiarity with the Microsoft Office product itself but is otherwise "pretty good with spreadsheets" to be able to earn their cert. That means the tests can be difficult as they try to make sure you've got a level of competence with Excel itself.

Do Microsoft certifications for Excel expire?

No, none of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications expire. At the time of this writing, there are 24 active Microsoft Office Specialist certifications, relating to different versions (Office 2013, Office 2016, Microsoft 365 Apps, etc.) of different Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, OneNote, etc.). Although every other specialty and role-based certification from Microsoft expires after one year, once you earn any MOS certification, it's active and valid for life.

How to study for Microsoft Office Specialist certifications?

Studying for Microsoft Office certifications can often be challenging not because of the technical detail or the level of difficulty of the material itself, but because it can be so easy to avoid sticking with the course and so hard to finish in a timely manner. If you can find a course that helps you stay accountable to your study goals – either through accountability coaches or an actually engaging presentation style – your chances of finishing quickly and earning your certification go way up.
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