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Cisco VIRL Online Training


Anthony Sequeira


Cisco VIRL Online Training

In this entry-level Cisco skills training, Anthony Sequeira prepares network administrators to simulate networks with Cisco VIRL.

Cisco VIRL is designed to provide both learners and network engineers with a platform to emulate various Cisco operating systems including IOS, IOS XR, and NX-OS in an easy to use GUI. You can install the VIRL server either on a bare-metal server or as a virtual machine under VMware’s ESXi, then build network topologies and interact with the server using a client application named VM Maestro.

This training doesn’t map directly to a Cisco exam, but VIRL is an essential tool for anyone designing networks or pursuing Cisco certification. Once you're done with this Cisco VIRL training, you'll know how to install VIRL in VMware on both macOS and Windows, create pre-configured emulations in VIRL with AutoNetkit, and use VIRL to communicate with devices in external networks.

For anyone who manages IT training, this Cisco training can be used to onboard new network administrators, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Cisco reference resource.

Cisco VIRL: What You Need to Know

This Cisco VIRL training has videos that cover topics such as:

  • VIRL components and setup
  • Installing VIRL on Windows
  • Installing VIRL on macOS
  • Installing VIRL on VMware ESXi or Workstation Player
  • Configuring devices in VIRL
  • Connecting VIRL to real-world devices

Who Should Take Cisco VIRL Training?

This Cisco VIRL training is based on administrator-level Cisco training, which means it was designed for network administrators. This network simulation skills course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with network infrastructure and experienced network administrators looking to validate their Cisco skills.

New or aspiring network administrators. One of the hardest parts of going from an aspiring admin to landing a job is gaining experience. Additionally, lack of lab resources can stifle certification efforts. By learning to use Cisco’s Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) on macOS or Windows, you can solve both problems. Aspiring admins who complete this course will pick up network simulation and administration skills to help advance their careers.

Experienced network administrators. Network simulation skills are an important part of building labs, learning, and earning new certifications. As a result, IT pros that can master Cisco’s Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) can jumpstart their career progression. Additionally, you can save a bit on lab hardware thanks to the skills you’ll pick up here.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Use Cisco VIRL 1.6 for Hands-On Practice

    Entry1 hr 36 mins10 videos
  • Cisco VIRL Learning Resources

    This Cisco VIRL training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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