CCNP Data Center

CCNP Data Center Online Training

3 to 5 years experience recommended

Exams Towards this Certification

This intermediate CCNP Data Center training covers the objectives in the 350-601 DCCOR and 300-610 DCID exams, which are two possible exams required to earn the CCNP Data Center certification.

There are six CCNP Data Center concentration exams to choose: 300-610 DCID: Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure 300-615 DCIT: Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure 300-620 DCACI: Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure 300-625 DCSAN: Implementing Cisco Storage Area Networking 300-630 DCACIA: Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure 300-635 DCAUTO: Automating and Programming Cisco Data Center Solutions The CCNP Data Center is Cisco's professional-level certification for verifying a network engineer's comfort with network, compute, storage network, automation, and security solutions in a Cisco data center. This CCNP Data Center training takes those component pieces, breaks them down into digestible segments and delivers them into your hands. With this training, you'll not only learn the general concepts for engineering networks with those components, you'll also get firsthand practice and experience implementing them in virtual lab environments. For IT managers, this Cisco training can be used for 350-601 DCCOR and 300-610 DCID exam prep, onboarding new network engineers, individual or team training plans, or as a Cisco reference resource.

CCNP Data Center: What You Need to Know

This CCNP Data Center training covers 350-601 DCCOR and 300-610 DCID Cisco data centers exam objectives, including these topics:

  • Implementing, securing and automating network, compute and storage infrastructure
  • Managing and implementing network managing technologies from Cisco
  • Mastering routing and switching protocols like OSPFv2 and v3, PIM, LACP and vPC
  • Implementing Cisco-developed compute solutions
  • Implementing Fibre Channel and FCoE Unified Fabric
  • Automating and Scripting operations with tools and industry technologies

Who Should Take CCNP Data Center Training?

This CCNP Data Center training is considered professional-level Cisco training, which means it was designed for network engineers. This Cisco data centers skills course is designed for network engineers with three to five years of experience with Cisco data center infrastructure.

New or aspiring network engineers

If you're looking to break into network engineering, the CCNP Data Center is one of the best ways to prove that you're ready. Cisco's professional-level certification is widely respected throughout the IT community as a clear signal of mastery over applying and implementing the many network tools and technologies Cisco provides. This CCNP Data Center training prepares you for it with videos and hands-on practice.

Experienced network engineers

If you've been working as a network engineer for a few years already, this CCNP Data Center certification can help you identify any sections of the job you might've overlooked during those years of experience. It's perfectly understandable that there would be parts of network engineering you haven't reached yet while you've been doing your job, and that's where this training comes in. You can breeze through the sections you know, and get actual real-world practice with any areas you're not as comfortable with. Once it's all familiar, the last step is Cisco's professional-level certifying exam, which you'll be prepared for.

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