Study Time for SOA-C02, According to People Who Took It

by Ross Heintzkill | Published on August 25, 2023

If you want to work in the AWS Cloud, you probably already know that the Associate-level AWS Certified SysOps Administrator is the leading certification in that space. What you might not know is how long it takes to prepare for the SysOps Administrator exam.

We surveyed exam-takers through polls distributed on CBT Nuggets' social media channels. Results were collected on LinkedIn, Twitter, and a Google survey. Of course, everyone learns at different speeds and everyone comes to the table with different levels of experience, but more information can lead to better outcomes.

We received 232 responses about how long it takes to prepare for the certifying exam for the SysOps Administrator. And we've worked out not just how long it takes to prepare for it, but what you can do to speed it up.

How long did most people need to study for SysOps Administrator?

58% of IT professionals needed less than 3 months to prepare for the AWS' Certified SysOps Administrator certification exam. Out of all 232 respondents, the single largest group was 34% who reported needing between 6 weeks to 3 months to prepare for the SysOps Administrator Associate exam.

Outside of that, the numbers show a major divide in preparation and experience. 24% of respondents needed less than 6 weeks to prepare and 23% needed more than 5 months. Even for an associate-level exam, 6 weeks is a short time. It's safe to assume that people who prepared in less than 6 weeks were highly focused in their preparation.

On the other hand, 5 months is a long time to prepare for an entry-level certification. It's unlikely that someone who had a robust training plan with high-quality training materials would need more than 5 months to prepare for the SysOps Administrator certifying exam.

How should you prepare ahead of taking the AWS SysOps Administrator Test?

The AWS Certified Sysops Administrator certification exam is an introduction to cloud administration. But that doesn't mean that the material is simple or just plain easy. AWS wants to make sure that anyone with their associate-level SysOps certification will be prepared for anything on their first day on the job.

Preparing for the SOA-C02 requires technical familiarity in building AWS environments, automating resources in the cloud, and implementing backups and disaster recovery. But passing the SysOps Administrator exam also calls for non-technical knowledge like AWS best practices and knowledge of AWS account administration – pricing, cost optimization and how billing works. The best way to prepare for the certification exam is with a comprehensive AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate online training, like the one from CBT Nuggets.

Tips to make sure you’re test-ready before exam day:

The first step to preparing for the SysOps Administrator cert exam is to make sure it's the right cert for you. Are you sure you need an AWS certification in systems operations? Would it advance your career like you hope? Is the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate even worth it? 

Second, the exam is designed to test whether or not you can do the actual job. A CBT Nuggets membership gives you tons of different tools that expand your real-world, practical familiarity with the topics on the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exam. Read on to learn about the tools CBT Nuggets gives you. Then decide if they'll help you pass the SysOps Administrator cert exam in the shortest possible time.

Use virtual labs

A virtual lab is like a computer network sandbox. And every CBT Nuggets membership provides access to virtual labs that are made to test the skills and knowledge that will be on certifying exams. Rather than learn about AWS administration and never see how it actually works, learn how to be a SysOps administrator in a digital recreation of the environment you'll actually be working on in your future job. You prepare yourself for your future job, but using virtual labs also cuts down how long it takes to prepare for the SysOps Administrator Associate exam.

Test yourself using practice exams

Certification exams can be intimidating. It's hard enough to prove that you know how the AWS cloud works, how do you prove that you can actually manage one? CBT Nuggets provides practice exams so that you know what to expect on the test and can go into it without anxiety. Use the practice exams for the SysOps Administrator Associate to identify your trouble areas, move past the areas you're comfortable with, and prepare for the certifying exam in as little time as possible.

Learn from experts

The fastest way to prepare for AWS SysOps Administrator Associate would be with direct, one-on-one training from a seasoned expert who knows the technologies, but who also knows the exams and the certification information. The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate online training comes from seasoned, experienced veterans in networking, systems operations and AWS operations. It'll be like they're in the chair next to you.

Each portion of the course is split into short, digestible nuggets of information that cover one topic at a time. That means you can repeat the things you need, skip the things you don't, spend as much time as you want practicing and experimenting with what you're learning, and never get left behind. 

Click here and go to the SysOps Administrator course page, there you can watch the first video of the series for free and see if it would help you study for the SOA-C02. If you're still not convinced, sign up for a free week of unlimited access to the CBT Nuggets course catalog.

Our survey of IT professionals revealed that most people took fewer than 3 months to prepare for the AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Associate exam. A CBT Nuggets membership is one of the best ways to join the pros who need less than 6 weeks to prepare for the test. You'll learn exam topics through engaging videos, virtual labs, and practice exams specifically designed to help you study for the AWS Certified Sysops Administrator Associate quickly and efficiently.

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