Linux certifications

Linux is an open source technology that is cost effective, flexible, and has a dedicated community of support. Due to its versatility and ease of use, Linux has a growing presence with DevOps and cybersecurity professionals.

Linux’s popularity is way up, and the best way to prove Linux proficiency is with certification.

Linux certification training levels & paths

The Linux certification roadmap is a little less defined than many vendor-based certification paths. That’s because Linux is an open source operating system with many different commercial and non-commercial distributions. Among the 600 Linux distributions, Debian and Ubuntu are the most popular. Though, software developers Red Hat and SUSE also maintain considerable Linux distros.

In most cases, online Linux training and Linux certifications will primarily cover desktop and network management through the command line, which is virtually the same among distros. However, IT professionals will need to be intentional when selecting a certifying body. Typically, that means either finding Linux training for the specific Linux distro running in their environment, or a reputable certification program, like the one offered by the Linux Foundation.

The Linux Foundation certification track is multi-tiered and developed by the organization that manages an ecosystem of open source Linux projects. CBT Nuggets offers online training courses for Linux Foundation certifications.


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