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New Training: Cisco VPN

by Michael Hess
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Published on February 17, 2021

In this 69-video, intermediate training, CBT Nuggets trainer Keith Barker covers the knowledge network administrators need to configure, maintain and troubleshoot Cisco VPNs, allowing them to extend a corporate network through encrypted connections over the Internet.

Watch this Cisco VPN training.

Companies where VPNs are optional are becoming increasingly rare. Similarly, network administrators who don’t know or understand virtual private networks are becoming rarer and rarer. Learn the tech and stay on top of your own career with this Cisco Virtual Private Network training.

The eight skills that comprise this training are:

  • Components of Cryptography

  • IPsec Fundamentals

  • Cisco Router Site-To-Site VPNs

  • Cisco Point-To-Point GRE over IPsec VPNs

  • Cisco DMVPN

  • Cisco GET VPN

  • Cisco FlexVPN

  • Cisco Remote Access VPNs

The eight-part series covers topics such as providing secure communications through end-to-end encryption, tailoring network access rights down to individual users, and enhancing productivity by extending corporate networks as well as:

  • GET VPN Summary

  • IPsec Tunnel Protection Design

  • Configuring an IKE Phase 2 (IPsec) Policy

  • Adding IPsec Protection Profiles

  • Crypto Map IPsec

This training includes:

  • 5 hours of training

  • 69 videos

Watch a video from the series:

Here's some more network security-related content from the CBT Nuggets blog:

Start learning Cisco VPNs today!

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