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New Training: Getting Started with AWS Fargate

by Team Nuggets
New Training: Deploy InfluxDB Securely in AWS with AWS Fargate and Caddy picture: A
Published on March 3, 2021

In this 5-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer Trevor Sullivan teaches you how to create an AWS Fargate cluster, how to configure Fargate task definitions, and how to deploy custom container images to Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR). Watch this new AWS training.

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This training includes:

  • 5 videos

  • 39 minutes of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • Introduction to AWS Fargate

  • Creating an AWS Fargate Cluster

  • Creating an ECS Task Definition and Deploy a Task

  • Developing and Deploying a Custom Container Image from ECR

  • Deploying a Service Behind a Network Load Balancer

What is AWS Fargate and How Can It Help Manage Cloud Resource Provisioning?

One of the greatest values of moving to the public cloud is the ability to reduce the costly ownership of on-premises computing resources.

In the on-premises architecture, organizations own and maintain their computing resources meaning they are responsible for a high up-front cost, consistent hardware upgrades, and over-provisioning of resources to account for future growth. In comparison, the public cloud allows organizations to spin up cloud instances and resources on-demand, allowing organizations to consume only resources that they need. This great benefit minimizes the over-provisioning and up-front cost is seen in the traditional on-premises data center.

AWS Fargate takes resource optimization one step further by providing a serverless compute engine for containers. This serverless compute architecture removes the need to provide and manage multiple EC2 instances, instead allowing organizations to use the precise compute resources for each application.

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