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Getting Started with Python 3 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is Python 3 and why should I even bother learning it?

Python is a very popular programming language, and Python 3 refers to the version number. Python 3 is popular not just because it's simple and readable (which not all programming languages are), but because it's usable in so many different ways and settings. Python can be used on personal computers to automate tasks, can help build websites, is great for data science, and is even used in artificial intelligence.

What are the major differences between Python 3 and previous versions?

While the major differences between Python 3 and previous versions are on the technical side, the big takeaway is that Python 3 represents a forward-looking approach, placing an emphasis on future compatibility. Python 3 has improved Unicode support and supports more diverse characters plus has an overall focus on code readability. Python 3 also includes print function changes, division behavior update and a broad elimination of redundant constructs.

Is this Getting Started with Python 3 course associated with any certifications?

No, this Python 3 introductory course isn't meant as certification prep, but it remains valuable to new students of the programming language and people who wish to earn a certification equally. This course is a foundation in Python basics, like learning how to read its syntax and understanding its data structures. No certification exam is going to skip basic skills like code organization and looping constructs, and no beginner should either.

What career fields does this Python 3 course apply to?

Python as a language is most useful for programmers, data scientists and web developers. But this course, which focuses on a conceptual understanding of the language and all that it's potentially capable of, is much more useful for a broader audience. After this course, business professionals can learn what tasks and systems could be automated, data professionals can accelerate their analysis, and project managers can follow along during technical meetings.

Is it especially difficult to get started with Python 3?

No, one of Python 3's great strengths is its accessibility and learnability. Python 3 isn't inherently difficult – its syntax resembles plain English. Readability was an important touchstone throughout the language's development, but it still has the potential to be very powerful and versatile. With a course like this, you can learn the topics at your own speed, then play around in virtual spaces until you get your skills down perfectly.
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