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InfluxDB Essentials FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this InfluxDB essentials training?

This is a great course if you already have a large set of time-series data and you're struggling with managing and storing all of it. Learn what InfluxDB can do for your time-sensitive data and how to manage InfluxDB instances to do the most work for you automatically.

Who should take this InfluxDB essentials course?

This course in time-series data storage and administration with InfluxDB is ideal for data analysts. This short course covers deploying InfluxDB and then gets straight into deploying it and ingesting data. New data analysts will have an ace up their sleeve and experienced analysts can specialize their skills and knowledge.

Is this training in InfluxDB essentials associated with any certifications?

No, this training in InfluxDB's essentials wasn't designed to prepare you for any certification exams. For data analysts in a hurry, that's a good thing – throughout the course, you'll stay focused on learning to actually use InfluxDB rather than memorizing all the extra facts someone put on a test.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in InfluxDB essentials?

Learning InfluxDB won't be enough to earn any certification on its own, but a lot of what you'll learn about putting InfluxDB to use will be helpful in data analyst-related certifications. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate or CompTIA's Data+ could be helpful certifications for a data analyst's career.

Why should you take this InfluxDB essentials training?

You should take this InfluxDB essentials training because it's the quickest way to master the time-series database that was custom built for fields like operations monitoring, applications metrics, and Internet of things. This short course will show you how to maximize those data sets and run real-time analytics on them.
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