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C++ Essentials FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is learning the essentials of C++ worth it?

Of course there are IT professionals who won't find C++ worth it. But if you're involved with software development, software engineering, games development, systems programming, robotics, or even cybersecurity analysis, C++ is absolutely worth it. C++ is one of the world's most popular programming languages for a reason: learning the essentials of C++ is a great way to see all the ways it can advance your career and expand your capabilities.

How difficult is it to learn C++ essentials?

Like any technical language, learning C++ is easy if you have good tools, a good instructor and a path through the challenges. If you start from scratch and learn on your own, C++ can be very difficult (try cracking a book on it if you want a massive headache). With a course that explains basic syntax and data types as well as control flow and functions, you'll have the C++ essentials down quickly and easily.

How much do certifications for C++ cost?

IT certifications tend to be published by the manufacturer of the hardware or software in question. C++ doesn't have a singular authority who can issue certifications about its use and so certifications don't always carry the same weight as one from Microsoft or Cisco. A going price for most C++ certifications online seem to be around $350. Some courses offer certificates upon completion, and others only cover how to use C++ on their hardware and software.

Will knowledge about using C++ ever expire or be out of date?

Knowing how to code in C++ will almost certainly never become irrelevant. Despite being an old language, C++ is still highly relevant and influential because of its raw performance capabilities, the system-level capabilities it boasts, its efficiency, and its cross-platform support. If you learn to code in C++, you'll be equipped to deal with with projects of all shapes and complexities for years to come.

How to study the C++ essentials?

The best place to study the essentials of C++ is with an online course that features integrated development environments or instructions on how to set your own up. C++ isn't something you can just read about or have explained – it takes a lot of hands-on and deliberate practice. The ideal C++ learning environment would also have custom practice sessions filled with specific challenges to advance your learning.
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