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TCP/IP IPv6 Online Training


Keith Barker

Jeremy Cioara


TCP/IP IPv6 Online Training

In this entry-level networking skills training, Keith Barker covers the TCP/IP IPv6 objectives in the A+ Core 220-1001 exam, which is one of two exams required to earn the CompTIA A+ certification.

IPv4 theoretically has about four billion usable IP addresses, which sounded like a lot back in the 1980s. But we went through those pretty quickly. IPv6 has 128 bits and 340 undecillion possible IP addresses. The transition from IPv4 to IPv6, though, is going slowly. But it’s still a topic you should know whether you’re just starting out or an experienced IT professional in any field.

After finishing this TCP/IP IPv6 training, you'll know how to implement and verify IPv6 in a Cisco infrastructure with various clients attached as hosts, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you're new to IPv6 subnetting, you'll benefit from progressing through the whole course. Experienced learners may find it more advantageous to jump into the Nuggets they find most valuable.

For anyone who manages network infrastructure training, this networking training can be used for Core 220-1001 exam prep, onboarding new network engineers, individual or team training plans, or as a networking reference resource.

TCP/IP IPv6: What You Need to Know

This CompTIA A+ training covers Core 220-1001 TCP/IP IPv6 exam objectives, including these topics:

  • Mastering IPv6 routing and networking fundamentals
  • Understanding tools, resources and protocol of IPv6 (e.g. masks, HES, OSPFv3, EIGRP, IS-IS, HSRP, GLBP, NDP, DHCP, DNS, RAs)
  • Routing and packet transfer utilizing prefix delegation
  • Securing data with SSH and ACLs
  • Locking down networks with zone-based firewalls on an IOS router
  • Tunneling with GRE and Auto 6to4

Who Should Take TCP/IP IPv6 Training?

This TCP/IP IPv6 training is considered foundational networking training, which means it was designed for both new and experienced IT professionals.

New or aspiring IT professionals. If you’re a new IT professional, you’re probably already aware of some of the differences between IPv4 and IPv6, and the lack of out-of-the-box compatibility between them. If you’re interested in making a career out of network engineering, this training can help make sure you’re an expert in using and adapting networks for IPv6 while also preparing you to eventually get your CompTIA A+ certification.

Experienced network administrators. If you’re a network administrator who’s been working in the industry for several years already and until now your career has focused primarily on IPv4, or if you haven’t received formal training in IPv6, you need this training. It was designed to cover material about IPv6 on the A+ exam, which you’ll need if you’re going to work toward your CompTIA A+ certification, plus it will make you an expert in this contemporary routing protocol.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • IPv6 Fundamentals

    Entry 12 mins2 videos
  • IPv6 Networking

    Entry21 hrs 20 mins34 videos
  • Describe IPv6 Core Addressing Concepts

    Entry1 hr 30 mins9 videos
  • Configure and Verify Cisco IPv6 Static Routes

    Entry1 hr 15 mins9 videos
  • TCP/IP IPv6 Learning Resources

    This TCP/IP IPv6 training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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