Antenna and Transmit Diversity

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Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this radio and radio frequency training?

This course teaches one of the most foundational parts of all of Information Technology: how it's possible to move information from one place to another. This is a course on radio waves and how they act in the real world, how we manipulate them, and how different physical components make them more useful in IT.

Who should take this radio frequency technologies course?

This is a valuable course for wireless administrators, help desk personnel, and field service technicians. The science behind radio waves is useful in most areas of IT, but understanding how to measure their strength and influence their area of effect is especially useful for the people who actually get their hands dirty with antennas, broadcasters and repeaters.

Is this training in radio and radio frequencies associated with any certifications?

No, this course isn't associated with any one certification. Someone who understands radio frequency technologies, radio wave propagation and circuitry of radio antennas won't just be better at most wireless LAN (WLAN) IT jobs, but they'll find many certification exams to be much easier, even though this course wasn't designed with a specific exam in mind.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in radio frequency technologies?

CompTIA offers two early-career certifications that include, in part, sections on radio frequency and wireless fundamentals: the IT Fundamentals+ and the A+. Unfortunately, Cisco retired CCNP Wireless, their certification focused on wireless skills and knowledge, and now a lot of its content is wrapped into the CCNA, which is an all-purpose foundational Cisco certification.

Why should you take this RF training?

Radio, radio frequencies, and radio frequency technologies are a fundamental building block of the IT world. You should take this course in RF if you want to actually understand the math and science that makes information technology possible. Knowing all that isn't just nice – it makes you a better-informed, more capable wireless administrator or technician.
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