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Microsoft MCSE: Core Infrastructure FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What was the underlying technology on Microsoft's MCSE: Core Infrastructure?

The underlying technologies on the retired Microsoft certification MCSE: Core Infrastructure was Windows Server 2012/2016, and data center management. The now-retired MCSE: Core Infrastructure was a Microsoft certification designed to prove a data center administrator's familiarity with designing, implementing and securing a datacenter powered by Microsoft Server 2012 or 2016. Configuring software-defined datacenters and designing server infrastructures were also key parts of the MCSE: Core Infrastructure.

Are the MCSE: Core Infrastructure exams 70-744, 70-745, 70-413, 70-414, and 70-537 retired?

Yes, all of the certification exams associated with the MCSE: Core Infrastructure are retired, not just the core certifying exams (70-744, 70-745, and 70-413) but the elective exams as well (70-414 and 70-537). Microsoft retired all of the exams related to the MCSE program on January 31, 2021. It's no longer possible to take the certifying exams 70-744, 70-745, 70-413, 70-414, and 70-537, nor are there any replacements for them.

Is the MCSE: Core Infrastructure still valid?

No, the MCSE: Core Infrastructure is no longer valid. Microsoft retired the MCSE: Core Infrastructure in January 2021 and although the certification will remain on your transcript if you earned it before that, you can no longer earn it. The MCSE: Core Infrastructure is one of the many Microsoft certifications that are no longer valid because Microsoft changed their certifications to better focus on all the roles and responsibilities of a person's job.

What certification replaced MCSE: Core Infrastructure?

No certification replaced the MCSE: Core Infrastructure. Microsoft retired their entire line of MCSE and MCSA certifications, and there's nothing that replaces the "Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert" line of certifications. The Microsoft Certified series of certifications or the Microsoft 365 Certified series of certifications may have certifications that could fill the same use as the MCSE: Core Infrastructure, but they're not 1:1 replacements for the retired cert.

Is this MCSE: Core Infrastructure still valuable?

Yes, this training prepares you for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Core Infrastructure exams and it's still very valuable. It wasn't the content of the exams or this training that got retired, and just because the certifications got retired doesn't mean the training isn't valuable. This training is still valuable because although it doesn't lead directly to a certification, it dives deep into the skills and knowledge necessary for running a modern data center.