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MCSA: Upgrading Your Skills to Server 2012 (70-417) Online Training


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MCSA: Upgrading Your Skills to Server 2012 (70-417) Online Training

In this intermediate Microsoft Server 2012 training, James Conrad prepares systems administrators to take the 70-417 exam, which is one of three exams required to earn the MCSA: Upgrading Your Skills to Server 2012 certification.

It may seem strange to need an upgrade exam to Server 2012 since we’re now a few versions ahead. However, Server 2008 (and even Server 2003) are still widely used, and Microsoft still offers this exam. If you’ve been working on an earlier version of Windows Server for a while, this training will get you where you need to be. Rather than getting the three-exam MCSA: Server 2012 certification, take this one exam to be fully certified on Server 2012.

For IT managers, this Server 2012 training can be used for 70-417 exam prep, in onboarding new systems administrators expected to work with Server 2012, or as part of a team training plan.

Exam 70-417: What You Need to Know

This MCSA: Upgrading Your Skills to Server 2012 training maps to the Microsoft 70-417 exams objectives, and cover topics such as:

  • Planning and installing Windows Server, both full and core and at different levels
  • Configuring services, adding and removing features, and setting up virtual machines
  • Remote management methods, including server core and down-level server management
  • Configuring local storage, including basic and dynamic disk overview, and working with storage spaces
  • Domain controllers: add, remove, upgrade, install from media, and configure a global catalog server
  • Deploying active directory services, such as Infrastructure as a Service in Microsoft Azure
  • Monitoring real-time performance: task manager and resource monitor
  • Configuring network monitoring and network access protection
  • Configuring and managing backups: Windows Backup, Azure and VSS
  • IPAM overview, server configuration, and functional use
  • Active Directory Federation Services overview and demo

Who Should Take 70-417 Training?

This Server 2012 training is considered associate-level Microsoft training, which means it was designed for systems administrators. This 70-417 course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with Microsoft infrastructure and experienced systems administrators looking to validate their Microsoft skills.

New or aspiring systems administrators. An important part of systems administration is learning universally applicable skills. But equally important is narrowing your focus and specializing in something — becoming the local expert. If Windows Server 2012 is where you want to plant your flag, this training is perfect. It’s designed for new systems administrators and will bring you up to speed on general concepts of systems administration as well as specific aspects of working with Windows Server 2012.

Experienced systems administrators. IT specialists who have been around for a while know that it doesn’t take long for skills to become stale. Vendors update their products regularly, and it’s entirely too easy to fall behind. MCSA: Upgrading Your Skills to Server 2012 training from CBT Nuggets offers experienced systems administrators to go beyond the technologies of the past and make their Microsoft server skills current.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-417 with R2 Updates

    Intermediate19 hrs 9 mins76 videos
  • Microsoft Exam 70-417 Learning Resources

    Our MCSA: Upgrading Your Skills to Server 2012 training includes videos and a complete Kaplan IT 70-417 practice test.

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