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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 High Availability and Disaster Recovery FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this high availability and disaster recovery training?

You'll learn three specific approaches to keeping data available in extreme conditions: failover cluster instances, always-on availability groups and log shipping – all in SQL Server 2016. SQL Server 2016 isn't the most up-to-date version any longer, but that makes niche knowledge of it even more valuable.

Why should you take this SQL Server 2016 course in HA and disaster recovery?

You should take this course in high availability and disaster recovery because those are two of the most time-sensitive and urgent needs any database administrator has. But you should especially take it if you work with SQL Server 2016, since few people have a mastery of its particularities.

Is this SQL Server 2016 course associated with a certification?

No, this SQL Server 2016 course isn't associated with a certification because Microsoft retired all of its certifications related to it. Microsoft is more focused on role-based certifications with their cloud-based service packages, so there's no longer a valid certification related to this HA/DR course.

Are there any certifications you should be thinking about after taking this high availability and disaster recovery course?

The only certification that relates (slightly) to the material on this course is the Azure Database Administrator Associate. If what excites you about this course is the SQL Server 2016 material, you're out of luck. But if it's the specialized database administration, that's the certification to consider.

Who should take this SQL Server 2016 HA and disaster recovery training?

Anyone responsible for keeping data moving reliably under the worst or most stressful circumstances should consider this course – especially if that data passes through a SQL Server 2016 instance. You should take this if you need to know the particulars of keeping SQL Server data available and stable.
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