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Microsoft Outlook 2019 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is Outlook and what does it do?

Microsoft Outlook is a special sort of computer program called an email client that's integrated into the Microsoft Office suite of applications. All email clients are specialized apps which manage and facilitate email communication, with varying levels of functionality. Microsoft Outlook is an email client with tons of other features, like calendar management, task coordination, and contact organization. With Outlook, it's possible to communicate, plan and coordinate from one centralized interface.

Who should take this Microsoft Outlook 2019 course?

Microsoft Outlook is extremely common – it's one of the most frequently used enterprise applications in the world. If your company uses any Microsoft products, there's a very good chance that it also uses Outlook for at least some of its communication needs. If that's the case, then learning how to use it to its fullest is just good business sense. You'll be a more useful, valuable, productive employee after this short course.

Is it worth taking an entire course on Microsoft Outlook 2019?

Yes, even for people who use Outlook frequently and have a long history with the app, it's a good idea to take a full course like this. This course is designed to make you a power user by revealing secret tricks and uncommon shortcuts as well as integrations and powerful functionality. A lot about Outlook can be confusing, this course clarifies those points of confusion and turns them into opportunities.

Is this Microsoft Outlook 2019 course associated with any certifications?

This Outlook 2019 course wasn't designed as certification prep, but there is a Microsoft cert you'll be partly ready for afterward. The Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook Associate (Office 2019) is an intermediate certification designed for business users. Earning it proves that you have a well-rounded and thorough understanding of Outlook and its many features – the same ones covered on this course: email communication, calendar management, task coordination and contact organization.

Which version of Outlook comes with Microsoft Office?

The version of Outlook that you get with Microsoft Office depends on the version of Office you have. If you are currently using Microsoft 365, you'll have a more recent version of Outlook because Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based model that provides you with constant updates to the most up-to-date versions. Microsoft Office 2019 is not subscription-based, and if you're running that version, you likely have Outlook 2019.
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