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Simona Millham
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Microsoft OneNote 2016 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Microsoft OneNote training?

You'll learn how to take notes, collaborate, brainstorm and more with Microsoft OneNote. OneNote has the potential to be a really powerful collaboration tool, but since most people get lost when trying to use it, it's often just an annoyance. Take this course and unlock OneNote's potential for your office.

Who should take this Microsoft OneNote course?

If you use Microsoft Windows in your job you should seriously consider taking this Microsoft OneNote course. With OneNote, you can organize your thoughts, collect and categorize notes or pictures from anywhere on the Internet, and brainstorm big ideas. But without training, it can be a confusing mess.

Is this training in Microsoft OneNote associated with any certifications?

No, this Microsoft OneNote training was designed to get employees using the software quickly and confidently – not pass an exam. Rather than focus on memorization or exam preparation, this OneNote training makes sure you understand the app and what it's good for while getting lots of opportunities to practice using it.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Microsoft OneNote?

Microsoft doesn't offer a certification that just covers OneNote and using it, so if you want to pursue a certification after this OneNote course, you'll have some more preparation to do. Business users might consider working toward the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals or the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals.

Why should you take this Microsoft OneNote training?

You should take this training because OneNote has the potential to clarify your thoughts, streamline your brainstorming and provide a place for free-formed collaboration – but only if you know how to use it. This short course makes sure you know how to improve your note-taking and collaboration in OneNote.
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