Creating a Button Flow Using the Mobile App

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Microsoft Power Automate Introduction FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this Microsoft Power Automate training?

You'll learn how to create your very own automated tasks in this Microsoft Power Automate training – those are jobs that your computer and your network do automatically when certain events occur. With Microsoft Power Automate – without code – you can name the trigger event and the result and watch your automation take hold.

Who should take this Microsoft Flow course?

Since Microsoft Power Automate doesn't require coding or programming experience, learning how to use it is a great way for non-technical professionals to speed up their workflow. Technical professionals like systems administrators can learn a lot too, but desk workers who use Windows should be the most excited for this Microsoft Power Automate training.

Is this training in Microsoft Power Automate associated with any certifications?

No, most certifications from Microsoft require deep familiarity with a broad set of skills and knowledge. This Microsoft Power Automate training makes sure you know how to use the flow-based automation software and nothing unnecessary. You'll practice using Power Automate to automate tasks, not memorize terminology and how to answer specific questions.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in Microsoft Power Automate?

If you're a business user, you might want to consider the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals after you take this course in Microsoft Power Automate. On the other hand, technical professionals and anyone who wants to develop applications on the Power Platform should consider the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Developer Associate.

Why should you take this Microsoft Power Automate training?

After you take this Microsoft Power Automate training you'll know how to set up automatic tasks that save you time, keep you informed and make your job better. In addition to that, you'll learn much more about automation on a system and network – which you can compare to traditional coded automation.
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