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Microsoft Excel 2016 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is Microsoft Excel 2016?

Microsoft Excel 2016 is a software application for organizing data, it's part of the 2016 version of the Microsoft Office suite of tools and apps. As a productivity tool, Excel can help organize, analyze and visualize data. In addition to storing data in rows and columns, there are a ton of different features, functions and tools that you can use to calculate the data, manipulate calculations, and present findings.

What is an Excel spreadsheet and why are they helpful?

An Excel spreadsheet is a digital tool and a file on a computer that helps organize, manipulate and analyze information. A spreadsheet is an electronic ledger, and the information it stores starts in tabular form (tables made of rows and columns), which you can then convert into data for analysis. Once arranged and organized, it's possible to use calculations, formulas, charts, graphs, and more to convert your data into useful insights.

Can I be a data analyst by learning how to use Excel?

While learning to use Excel would be very helpful for data analysts, it may not be enough on its own to land you a job. In addition to spreadsheets, data analysts usually need to have a grasp of statistical software like Python, database management with languages like SQL, and data visualization tools like Tableau. All that said, competency with spreadsheets and Excel in particular is fundamental for any data analyst.

Is this Excel 2016 course associated with any certifications?

Yes, this course on using Excel can help you prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel (Office 2016) certification. It's an intermediate end user certification that costs $100 to attempt. Based on the 2016 version of the software specifically, the MOS Excel 2016 covers using workbooks with multiple sheets and introducing graphic elements that represent data visually and clearly. This course teaches everything you need from the interface to advanced formulas.

Why should I take this course on using Excel?

If you work at a computer for work, the odds of you not encountering Excel from time to time are incredibly low. From everything from scheduling to sales numbers and parametric diagnostic information, companies love using Excel to make sense out of data. Taking this course on Excel will teach you every trick, tip and method of using spreadsheet software while familiarizing you with what makes Excel 2016 unique.
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