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Microsoft Access 2019 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

In non-technical terms, what is Microsoft Access 2019 and what is it good for?

Microsoft Access is what's known as a database management system. It's sort of like a digital filing cabinet for organizing and managing digital information. That might sound like a spreadsheet, but Access can store lots of different types of information, where Excel is more like a big table where you calculate certain data. Access is meant for storing, finding, sorting and analyzing different types of information and linking them together.

In technical terms, what is Microsoft Access 2019 and what is it good for?

Microsoft Access is a relational database management system (RDBMS) designed to efficiently store, retrieve, and manage large volumes of structured data. Its graphical user interface makes creating, navigating and managing multiple databases easy. Two things that set Access apart are its data normalization and referential integrity, making it ideal for complex data structures and relationships. Access provides more sophisticated data manipulation and analysis capabilities compared to simpler data storage tools.

Is Microsoft Access 2019 still available?

Yes, Microsoft 2019 is still available as a supported part of Microsoft Office 2019 suites. Microsoft is interested in moving customers, especially corporate clients, over to their subscription-based models like Microsoft 365. Many times, Microsoft's efforts in encouraging users toward their cloud-based suites can create the perception that a tool is retired or no longer supported, but Microsoft will be supporting Microsoft Access 2019 at least through October 2025.

What are the benefits of using Access for small businesses?

Access 2019's efficiency and streamlined features are its biggest benefits for small businesses who tend to have more complex data needs than Excel can handle, but don't have the wherewithal for an enterprise data solution. Access's user-friendly interface enables easy customization of databases. Training like this course on Access 2019 provides all the background information and practice that end users need to analyze and share a small business' data.

Is knowing Access 2019 enough to get me a job?

Proficiency in Access 2019 is a valuable part of data analysis or database administrator roles, but it's unlikely that knowing Access 2019 is enough to get a job as a full-time, dedicated DBA or related role. A course like this on Access 2019 is an extremely valuable asset for people who work in administrative, data entry, or data analysis roles, or who want to apply to jobs related to them.
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