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Shaun Wassell
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Learn the MERN Stack: Tutorial for Beginners FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this MERN stack training?

You'll learn to integrate the four components of the MERN stack into your programming and how they work together to create fast and stable production environments. This course teaches how to use MongoDB for your document database, Express.js for your web framework and React.js for your client-side, and Node.js as web server.

Who should take this MERN stack tutorial course?

Many people in software development or close to software development could benefit from this MERN tutorial. Understanding the MERN stack isn't just important for software developers who build websites and web applications, it's also important for managers and decision-makers who need to be a part of complicated conversations about tech and stacks.

Is this training in using the MERN stack associated with any certifications?

No, this MERN stack training is focused on making sure you understand the MERN stack and get practical experience with coding in it, it's not focused on you memorizing facts for a test. You'll get first-hand experience actually integrating your MongoDB database with the Javascript frameworks and servers that they're designed to work together with.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in getting started with the MERN stack?

Among some people in IT, programming or development certifications carry a small stigma. That's why a course like this is so beneficial – you'll master the MongoDB database and the JavaScript frameworks and libraries that make MERN such a great stack to develop in, and you'll be able to prove yourself with your work, not just your cert.

Why should you take this MERN stack training?

You should take this MERN stack training because it doesn't just show you how to develop apps inside an end-to-end framework, but also teaches you core principles about the MongoDB Express Angular Node (MEAN) and how MERN compares to other front-end JS frameworks. Understand software development better and expand your choices in development frameworks with this course.
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