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ITCA - Software Development Fundamentals FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is ISACA and are its certifications worth it?

ISACA used to stand for Information Systems Audit and Control Association, but it's only known as ISACA now – it's an international professional organization that's focused on standardizing and advancing the skills and knowledge related to careers in IT governance, risk management and cybersecurity. ISACA offers many different certifications, and they're highly regarded in the industry – mainly because they're broadly applicable, highly technical, and not tied to a hardware or software vendor.

How do you earn the ITCA certification?

The Information Technology Certified Associate (ITCA) certification from ISACA is an entry-level assessment of your general familiarity with the five major components of IT: computing, networks and infrastructure, cybersecurity, software development, and data science fundamentals. To earn the ITCA, you'll have to take five separate exams related to those five domains – each of which costs $150. The content of each exam is designed to prove a general, low-level familiarity.

What are the fundamentals of software development?

The fundamentals of software development aren't purely technical in nature. Familiarity with programming languages and an understanding of machine logic are important parts of software development. But software development is a process, and the preliminary and follow-up steps of development are just as important as depth of familiarity with languages. For instance, gathering requirements, designing the architecture, testing, debugging, and version control are all just as important as writing code.

Which ISACA certification is easiest?

The easiest ISACA certification to earn is the Information Technology Certified Associate (ITCA). Designed to be an early-career overview of the essential subjects related to working in IT, preparing for the ITCA is easy but time-intensive. You'll want to be familiar with the essentials of computing, networking, cybersecurity, software development, and data science, as well as the specific ways in which those subjects will be tested on the ITCA tests.

Who should take this software development fundamentals course?

If you plan on earning the ITCA certification from ISACA, this course is designed to help you prepare for its software development test. But even if you don't plan on earning the ITCA, this course is a valuable resource for shedding light on what software development is and how to talk about it. If you manage personnel or projects that involve software development, this course is an essential professional tool.
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