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Intro to Programming and Development FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this programming and development course?

In this Intro to Programming and Development course, you'll learn about programming and coding and how they fit into the broader world. What this programming and development course doesn't do is go into the weeds in any one particular programming language. After this course, you'll understand what programming really is, what different languages are better for, what jobs depend on what types of programming, and your roadmap for becoming a programmer.

How do I start programming and developing applications?

You should start programming and developing applications with easy training like this Intro to Programming and Development course that familiarizes you with the concepts around programming. What you shouldn't do is choose a language at random and spend several months learning it exclusively. Taking this course is like studying a map before a journey - first you decide where you're going, then how you want to get there.

Why should you take this Intro to Programming and Development course?

You should take this introductory course to programming and development so that you can make a more informed choice about your career and the tools you equip yourself with. There are literally hundreds of programming languages! This course is designed to help you choose the right languages, the right careers, how to plan for them, and what training can get you to the place you want to end up at.

Is this Intro to Programming and Development course associated with a certification?

No, this Intro to Programming and Development course doesn't prepare you for any particular certification. This course isn't what might be called a "hard skills" course – you won't be fluent in a programming language afterward, and you won't develop any applications during it. This course doesn't apply to a certification because it instead familiarizes you with all the different IT jobs, programming languages and training options that await you throughout your career.

Is this Intro to Programming and Development course worth it?

Yes, this Intro to Programming and Development is worth it for people starting their careers. If you're an experienced app developer, it probably isn't worth it for you. This course is worth it for people who want to make sure they don't commit themselves to a career without understanding what they'll actually be doing, or commit to a programming language and not understand why it'll help them in the long-run.
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