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How to Deploy to the Cloud FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this cloud management and administration training?

This course covers all the information you need to gather up your organization's network operations and get them into the cloud. No matter the reason for deploying a network to the cloud, there are different providers, tools and technologies to choose from. Learn the right questions to ask and skills needed to deploy to the cloud.

Who should take this cloud administration and management course?

Cloud administrators, cloud specialists and anyone who finds themselves responsible for making decisions about cloud deployments should take this course. Although the information on the course mostly covers the technical operations of deploying networks in the cloud, it also covers the broad conceptual topics of cloud deployments, which can help decision-makers feel confident in their choices.

Is this training in managing cloud deployments associated with any certifications?

No, although plenty of certification exams related to cloud management and administration will be easier after taking this cloud deployment course, this training wasn't developed with any certs in mind. That means it's free to focus on practical knowledge and putting the power of cloud workload migrations and cloud networking directly into your hands.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in administering cloud deployments?

This course isn't designed with any specific certifications in mind, but the CompTIA Cloud+ would be a good cert to consider afterward. This course and the Cloud+ from CompTIA go well together because they're both vendor-agnostic – they focus on the skills and competencies of a cloud administrator rather than familiarity with one manufacturer or vendor.

Why should you take this cloud deployment administration training?

You should take this course in deploying to the cloud because many cloud administrators and specialists are familiar with managing networks already active in the cloud. But the ability to think carefully about what cloud service to use and how best to deploy your network securely is rare and therefore valuable.
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