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Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Security for the Cloud FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What's meant by governance, risk, and compliance?

Governance, risk and compliance are broad concepts that often get lumped together under the term "GRC". All together, governance, risk and compliance direct an organization's operations, ensure networks and operations are secure, and keep the organization compliant with applicable regulations (legal and self-imposed). Governance is the framework for decision-making and accountability. Risk identifies threats to data and systems. Compliance ensures and proves adherence to laws, regulations and industry standards.

What is governance and compliance in the cloud?

In the cloud, governance is writing and enforcing policies and procedures related to using the cloud – making sure operations align with objectives and security standards. That can include defining roles, access controls and monitoring. Compliance in the cloud can be complicated, thanks to the unique security risks using the cloud can introduce, and the existence of laws that regulate measures that must be in place to protect certain kinds of information.

How is resource governance in the cloud different from conventional governance?

Resource governance in the cloud versus conventional governance reflects the difference between cloud tools and technologies and conventional networks. In the cloud, governance is focused on optimizing cloud resources dynamically and at scale, with an emphasis on automation and policy-based controls. Conventional governance often relies on manual processes and static rules. Cloud governance has to adapt to fluctuations in demand and cost, which is a strength – but also a risk.

Who should take this governance, risk and compliance course?

Compliance officers are the most obvious audience for this course on governance, risk, compliance and security, but IT professionals and cybersecurity professionals should also learn what's on this course. Managing governance, risk and compliance is tricky even under the best circumstances, but introduce the unique opportunities and security risks of the cloud, and executives and decision-makers responsible for operational strategy and governance have even more to deal with and understand.

Is this course on security in the cloud associated with any certifications?

No, this course on governance, risk and compliance in the cloud isn't meant to be certification prep. There are certifications, like the Cloud+ from CompTIA, or the Certified Cloud Security Professional from (ISC)2, that will be much easier after taking this course, but this course wasn't designed with their exams in mind. Instead, learn to write and enact operational policies that keep your network compliant and secure in the cloud.
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