Identifying Cloud Storage Technologies

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Fundamental Cloud Computing Concepts FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What even is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is like renting a computer over the internet instead of owning one. You can store your files, run programs, and access data from anywhere with an internet connection. Commercial companies provide these services by managing all the hardware, software and maintenance. Cloud computing is convenient because you don't have to worry about administration or storage space. Plus, you can scale up or down easily based on your needs.

Who should take this course on the fundamental concepts of cloud computing?

This course on cloud computing fundamentals is obviously good for IT professionals who want to pursue a career working in and with the cloud, but it's also valuable for non-technical professionals who need to understand the concepts and terminology of cloud computing. Whether you're making decisions about how to move operations to the cloud, or you're in meetings about the best cloud provider to pay for, this course provides you with the basics.

What are the absolutely necessary components of cloud computing?

In brief, there are three essential components to cloud computing: infrastructure, virtualization and orchestration. Infrastructure refers to the connections between servers, storage and networking technologies operated by the cloud provider. Virtualization is a technology that lets many different users use the same hardware without conflict or overlap. Orchestration is a complicated process of configuring and managing many different cloud resources so that they operate reliably and interact successfully with one another.

Why would someone take this fundamental cloud computing concepts course?

Cloud technologies are practically everywhere: taking this course on the fundamental concepts of cloud computing is valuable for basically all professionals. As a company owner or manager, you can only leverage the bleeding-edge benefits of the cloud when you understand what it actually is and what it's capable of. Junior IT professionals can get in on the ground floor and build long, profitable careers in planning, managing and optimizing cloud services.

What careers are available in cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a huge collection of diverse technologies, and the potential careers in it are just as varied. Some are devoted to deep & narrow specialities, while others emphasize broad familiarity with all of cloud computing. Cloud architects design and implement whole cloud solutions. Cloud developers build and deploy apps that work in and with the cloud. Cloud administrators manage existing cloud infrastructures. Cloud security specialists keep cloud networks safe and secure.
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