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Chef FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this DevOps Chef course?

You'll learn how to transform all the repetitive and tedious parts of your job into fast, efficient and fun opportunities. This course teaches how to diagnose your production workflow and think about it in DevOps terms, then install a Chef server, and implement perfect solutions in Chef.

Who should take this course in Chef DevOps?

The obvious candidate for this Chef and DevOps course is DevOps engineers, but software developers or server administrators could benefit too. If you work in a company trying to implement DevOps principles, or you want to introduce DevOps to your company, you should take this course in Chef.

Is this DevOps Chef training associated with any certifications?

No, this DevOps Chef training won't prepare you for any particular certification. This course is focused on practical applications of Chef in a DevOps environment, not with memorizing facts and rare use cases like you find on certification exams. This is a tight course that stays focused on Chef.

What certification should you consider after taking this Chef DevOps course?

There are many certifications that are adjacent to DevOps, but there's no certification that captures all of DevOps, since it's a methodology more than a codified practice. The organization behind Chef provides training and certification, but before pursuing those, start by earning a proven track record of DevOps excellence.

Why should you take this Chef DevOps training?

You should take this Chef DevOps training and become a one-person IT department for your company, handling massive deployments with the click of a button or provisioning and spinning up servers as-needed. You should take this Chef course to open up entirely new career opportunities in DevOps.
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