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Programming for Data Science FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is programming for data science?

Programming is the process of writing instructions that computers follow, often with complex inputs and variables. Programming for data science is the art of telling computers how to manipulate information, uncover patterns, and derive meaningful insights from large and diverse datasets, typically with unique languages called Python and R. Programming for data science leverages the power of computers and networks to build models and algorithms that predict trends, solve complex problems, and clean and organize data.

Is it worth it to learn programming for data science?

Absolutely! Programming is the backbone of data science. While you could extract insights from vast datasets by hand, algorithms and functions can do it for you faster and more accurately. Data science is a dynamic field that's all about speed and efficiency, two things that coding, computers and programming does especially well. Learn the languages and tools that improve and accelerate your data science with this course.

How long does it take to learn programming for data science? How hard is it?

The length and difficulty of this programming for data science course depends on the experience you bring with you. If you're already familiar with advanced data science concepts and the fundamentals of programming, this course will go very quickly. But this course is designed for learners who are less familiar with object-oriented programming, Python, R, or applying programmatic solutions to data science, and for them the learning curve will be steeper.

Who should take this programming for data science course?

The best audience for this course includes new or aspiring data scientists, analysts and researchers, and software developers. For people on the data side of the house, this course will show you how to turn your processes for extracting results into repeatable code, speeding up your analysis significantly. For programmers, learning the inner workings of data science means you can incorporate large datasets into your applications and development.

Are there any certifications associated with this programming for data science course?

No, although there are some great data science certifications, this course doesn't focus on test questions or exam prep. Instead, this course focuses on creative problem-solving skills like matching data science problems with Python, R and other programming languages. In data science, challenges are rarely clearly defined, so a skills-based course like this one emphasizes your ability to understand a problem and choose the right tool accordingly.
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